A changing IT landscape

We believe that the shift from on premise to cloud creates an opportunity for Community Leaders (IT Vendors/Distributors) to reboot the way that they think about their Partner communities. Rather than stack rank them on the basis of how much product they sell, it is time to define them in terms of the skills and industry experience that they can offer customers.

The Dynasource proposition

Dynasource is here to help Community Leaders take stock of their channel and build a skills inventory to make the most of the opportunity that Digital Transformation represents.

Once Channel Managers have invited all their Partners – and once these Service Providers have onboarded all of their Professionals – Community Leaders will know (likely for the first time) exactly what services capability and capacity their Partners have. That’s critical information they’ll want to reference when building business plans for their next financial year.

Let’s just pretend that a Vendor believes that there is a gap in the market that might enable them to double sales of a particular cloud product. Dynasource will help them understand what current professional services capacity exists around that product. Let’s just pretend that capacity is insufficient. Dynasource can help Channel Managers make the business case to justify investment in readiness and training. It can help target this investment far more precisely and measure the results by tracking the month on month change in capacity.

A focus on channel management

We’re passionate about Partners and the significance of the Channel Management role. It’s always been tough to justify investments in channel development because the lead time from training $ spent to product $ sold is too long and subject to many other variables. We want to help change that by framing the discussion very specifically in terms of skills capacity.

We’re here to answer simple questions such as “How many Professionals know this product and this industry?” Pre-Dynasource, nobody could ever know.

All that said, Channel Managers are already very busy. That’s why we’ve made inviting their Partners (Service Providers) really easy. They can be invited individually (by entering their details at the ’Invite Service Providers’ page) or inviting them in bulk by copying the link we provide (on the Invite service providers page) into an email or chat window.

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